Economy Adds 192,000 Jobs in March

The U.S. Bureau of Labor has released the jobs report for March. The economy added 192,000 nonfarm jobs in March, which is a little above the average for the past twelve months. 183,000 per month have been added on average over the past 12 months. The unemployment rate was unchanged at 6.7%. The BLS says 10.5 million remain unemployed.

The biggest gains came in professional and business services, which added 57,000 jobs in March. This sector has been strong over the past twelve months, adding an average of 56,000 per month. Temporary help services added 29,000 jobs within the business services category.

Other sectors adding jobs included food services (+30,000), construction (+19,000), health care (+19,000) and mining and logging (+7,000).

Job gains were revised for January and February. January's report was revised from 129,000 jobs added to 144,000 and February increased by 22,000 jobs to 197,000.

Posted on April 4, 2014

U.S. Economy Adds Just 113,000 Jobs in January

The U.S. economy added only 113,000 jobs in January according to the latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This suggests the dismal December job report was part of trend and not an anomaly caused by snowstorms. CNN reports that economists were hoping the January numbers would be 178,000, so they were very disappointed. The employment rate in January was 6.6%. The lower unemployment rate certainly does not tell the story of how bad the economy is and how weak hiring is. The biggest industry to gain jobs in January was construction, which added 48,000 jobs. Retail was the biggest loser with a loss of 13,000 jobs. Take a look:

Posted on February 8, 2014

U.S. Economy Adds Just 74,000 Jobs in December

The U.S. economy added just 74,000 jobs in December. This was the weakest report in 3 years. This was much less than the 241,000 jobs the economy gained in November and also lower than the 200,000 jobs gain in October. The unemployment rate fell to 6.7%.

The biggest increase in December was retail trade, which added 55,000 jobs. However, this clearly was not enough to make for a good month. Drop include the information industry, which lost 12,000 jobs and the sound recording industry, which lost 14,000. Construction employment fell by 16,000 jobs. Health care employment had a rare drop of 6,000 positions.

Reuters reports that weather played a role in the weakness, such as in construction. A Forbes article also says weather was a factor in the December report. However, even without the cold and snowy weather it would not have been a great month.

Posted on January 10, 2014

Economy Added 169,000 New Jobs in August 2013

The economy added 169,000 jobs in August, which is slightly less than the average gain of 184,000 jobs over the past twelve months. The unemployment rate is 7.3%, which is down from 8.1 percent one year ago. Teenagers are still the largest unemployed demographic at 22.7%.

The strongest industry in August was retail trade where 44,000 jobs were added. Retail has added 393,000 jobs in the past 12 months. Health care added 27,000 jobs and professional and business services added 23,000 jobs in August. The motion picture and sound recording industry lost 22,000 jobs in August.

Take a look:

Posted on September 26, 2013

Economy Adds 162,000 New Jobs in July

The economy added 162,000 jobs in July. The unemployment rate edged down to 7.4 percent. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says employment rose in retail trade, food services and drinking places, financial activities, and wholesale trade. The unemployment rate is still the highest for teenagers by far at 23.7%.

The biggest gains came in retail trade, which added 47,000 jobs and July. Retail has added 352,000 jobs in the past 12 months. Leisure and hospitality added 38,000 jobs. This category has added 381,000 jobs in the past 12 months.

Employment gains for May and June were revised downward by 26,000 jobs. ABC News reports that July's jobs report was short of expectations. However, there are some positive signs with an uptick in the housing market and some cities hiring firefighters. Take a look:

Posted on August 2, 2013

Economy Adds 195,000 Jobs in June

The employment situation looks slightly improved with the June 2013 number. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 195,000 jobs were added in June. The biggest job increases were in leisure and hospitality. The unemployment rate was unchanged at 7.6 percent. The number of long-term unemployed (jobless for 27 weeks or more) was essentially unchanged at 4.3 million.

Here are some highlights from the report:
  • Leisure and hospitality added 75,000 jobs in June
  • Employment in professional and business services rose by 53,000.
  • Retail trade employment increased by 37,000.
  • Health care continued to add jobs in June, with a gain of 20,000.
  • Employment in financial activities rose by 17,000.
  • Federal government employment fell by 5,000. It is down 65,000 over the past 12 months.
The change in total nonfarm payroll employment for April and May were revised upward. April was revised from +149,000 to +199,000, and May was increased from +175,000 to +195,000.

Posted on July 5, 2013

U.S. Added 165,000 Jobs in April

It is starting to look a little better for jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the U.S. added 165,000 jobs in April. The unemployment remained unchanged at 7.5%.

The biggest gains were in professional and business services, which added 73,000 jobs and in leisure and hospitality, which added 38,000 jobs. Retail trade employment added 29,000 jobs.

There were also some positive revisions. The change in total nonfarm payroll employment for February was revised from +268,000 to +332,000, and the change for March was revised from +88,000 to +138,000.

Take a look:

Posted on May 6, 2013
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